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From Born To Run:

The race isn’t so much to beat each other… but to be with each other.

This weekend, between swimming across a deep pond, slithering through mud under barbed wire and jumping over fire… I remembered that races didn’t always have to be about racing; instead, they can be about spending a Saturday morning with a friend. (Thank you Amanda!)

Lessons learned while rebelling:

  1. Bring baby wipes, the lines for the hose are way too long. 
  2. I am allergic to hay.
  3. Mud makes you heavy.
  4. Scaling 8’ walls is hard when you are only 5’2” - it’s a long way to drop on the back side. (So all you tall people, don’t yell at us when we get scared!)
  5. Mud washes out of places that you don’t want to find mud afterwards.
  6. Latex body paint is awesome!
  7. Beer is tasty… wait, we already knew that!
  8. Mud runs are fun! So much fun that I’m submitting myself to another one in October: Tough Mudder

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