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Fearless Friday: Finding Fit

Do one thing every day that scares you.

North Face Endurance Challenge here I come.  When someone suggested the race a while back, my first thought was, wait, a long race the day before my birthday? More importantly, a long race the day after the night I will probably celebrate my birthday?

With every ending, comes a new beginning: the last race in my 20s, my first 10k.

When I started this blog last year, I’d mentioned that I was finding my own balance between fitness and freedom. This year I’ve managed to push the boundaries of my comfort zone, find new limits, exceed personal expectations and learn more about myself than I ever imagined. I’ve found inspiration in the strangest of places and renewed an inner strength that I wasn’t sure I still had. I gutted through 13.1 miles in honor of my mom, signed up to run not one, but two series of trail races, found peace in a hot room on a mat, made my way through a dark battlefield at 2AM, found speed on an oval, figured out something most interesting about sunscreen and topped it off by finishing a race at the top of my age bracket. In many ways, I’ve come to understand and trust that life is all about the road that you take… rather than where you land at the finish.

It’s about the friendships you make in a van, a cold and hoppy IPA after a long hike, knowing that your family loves you when everyone else is busy, the moment in a race when your body asks you to quit but you dig deep and find the will to push through, afternoons on a deck or in a hammock, gelato, campfires, climbing a volcano in a foreign country, backyard grilling, relying on a raft to carry you through a raging river… It seems fitting that this weekend, I’ll celebrate 30 on a trail, pushing myself to find fit. In-between log hopping and heavy breathing, I plan to let my mind wander to the path I’ve taken… it’s aweing to look back and think about how far I’ve come. It’s been a great adventure thus far, but I’m confident that the best is yet to be!

Now, enough reminiscing… time to get out there and get fearless.

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