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Celebrating The Sum of Little Successes

Here I am, sitting at my desk the day before Thanksgiving… the office is quite. I’ve already printed my boarding pass to head home to Rochester for a repeat paleo fiesta and browsed through the most recent Backyard Burn race photos. For fun, I casually clicked through my own album of awesome. Nearly 366 days and a handful of blogs posts. Success is the sum of small efforts… repeated day in and day out… I’ve learned that. The photos and monologues are a benchmark of self-betterness. They flood me with memories… 2012 was cool. Where I think I’ve plateaued, they remind and illustrate how far I’ve come… all that’s been accomplished.

It’s crazy to think about where I am today. Life is in a different place. Ragnar 2010 served as a catalyst, catapulting me into a new sort of lifestyle that’s evolved over the past few years. From fitness to food… I finally feel settled into something sustainable. I’ve found balance by taking a step back, racing less, living more.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’m 31…. and the fact that I wear sneakers and a backpack on my walk to/from work doesn’t help. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that I can squat more than my body weight… or that I can throw around barbells like an Olympian. That I can hit a stupid green line with a decently heavy medicine ball… and how much that means to me in terms of personal achievement. That I’ve adventured through the night with bricks in my backpack… and that I’ve run a half-marathon through the mud at the same pace as I’d previously done on the road. I’ve busted my shin on a box and overcome some silly mental fear of jumping back on top of it. I’ve learned my limits and tested them. I’ve competed in a Crossfit throw down and had the guts to register for a second one. I’ve finally swung across the money bars. I’ve done an adventure race and a pull-up. I’ve written about food. I’ve taken finding fit on the road. I’ve trusted myself and others. I’ve laughed. I’ve pushed. I’ve loved. I’ve held myself accountable. I’ve cried. I’ve sweat. I’ve twisted. I’ve reminded myself to breathe.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to do all of it. For the journey in finding myself. For my family and my friends, both new and old. For my health. For the fact that I have people who love and push and inspire me on a daily basis both in and out of the gym. They keep me honest, remind me to smile, and force me to continue growing. Sure, I get beat down by my commute and job and stress… but when I really stop and think about all of it – I’m a pretty lucky lady.

This holiday weekend, I hope that you have the chance to celebrate of all the little pieces of your success… from fitness to food to families and friends. May your bellies be full of meats and sweets (and by sweets I mean sweet potatoes)…  and whether you Crossfit your heart out to a Thanksgiving grinder, or turkey trot through your hometown, I hope that you are surrounded by strength and love and happiness… the determination to never say ‘can’t’ and the will to continue the journey.

With that, I’m shutting down my computer, leaving the florescent hue of the office, and attempting to squeeze in one more long WOD tonight before taking to the friendly skies. In the morning I get to see a very wiggly bulldog and three unconditionally loving, but super sarcastic Shanks. Thankful for a whole weekend to reflect and recharge. Happy Shanksgiving! 


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