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When Fearless Friday becomes Survival Sunday

I usually spend my weekends out of the Crossfit box catching up on my outdoor adventures or racing through the woods… surrounding myself by something other than a cement jungle.

I love the weekends because I don’t have to fit workouts into windows of time. I’m not running through crowded city streets only to curse the metro for making me late… or find myself envious of the bikers who got out of the office early enough to catch a glimpse of the sun before it set. But this past Sunday morning brought with it a balmy drizzle, so I made my way to the gym. From the moment I lifted myself out of bed, my body felt heavy and tired. I hadn’t stopped moving since the duathalon and after a full week of hockey games, twisting into triangles and making my body cry like rain, I probably should have lingered under the covers. But… I’m just not very good at sitting still. I have a hard time talking myself into “resting.” I know, I know… it’s hard to explain… I guess half of me figures I’ll have plenty of time to sleep when I’m old and the other half just doesn’t want to miss out on any possible moment of fun.

Although, I’m not quite sure if the following workout classifies as fun…

50 Goblet squats (40lb dumbell)
400 m run with weight (15lb plate)
40 Wall Ball (14lb ball)
400 m run with weight
30 Bastards (or I did burpees and touched the bar)
400 m run with weight


Normally I would have powered through without any ounce of doubt, forced my body to keep moving, greeted pain head on and pushed through. But as soon as we started my legs screamed… my lower back creaked… I felt like I was fighting to keep my knees in the right place and my weight in my heels and my eyes open. Laps around the building seem to drown, slower and slower… like I was sinking into quicksand. Sets of 10 felt like eternity. Just count. Breathe. Focus. Count. Finish. As torn up as I felt, not finishing is never an option… and finishing last is more than a frustration! As my body melted into sets, my mind drifted back to my battle with the bike, convincing myself that this really wasn’t as bad. Maybe… but everything is relative… depending on the day. I reminded myself that this is the type of workout I’d been craving. 7 minutes is easy, well… never easy, but survivable at all costs… you can do almost anything for 7 minutes… 43 minutes… totally different ball game. Finally, my body screamed “mercy!”

As I stumbled back home, I was exahusted and weak… my leg trembled as I pushed in the clutch on the jeep. I craved food and sleep. I felt a tad betrayed by my body, but it was simply forcing me to remember that rest is just as important as the workouts themselves. It was literally shuting me down.

Even @Onthebusrunning Brad commented, “Sarah, you sound tired on Twitter.” And man, I was tired. But, this week I snuck in some extra zzzz’s and took a few days off… The dull ache in my legs has subsided, my energy level is back in the clouds… if I don’t get lost or broken in the woods while mountain biking on Saturday, perhaps Sunday will become another day of survival. But this week, maybe I’ll do more than just survive.

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